11:19 29/6/2017
#TheWestMustKnow that half of Kiev has not had hot water for two months.

What started as a yearly maintenance shut down was prolonged for reasons that have to do with the city's debt to an oligarchally owned energy company.

This is the ultimate second-world problem, a seemingly minor inconvenience that is far less atrocious than armed conflict, starvation or the plague.

But the pettiness makes it easy to empathize with, anyone can imagine oneself showering with a tea kettle and bucket or visiting a friend halfway across town for their electric water heater.

Now imagine that a government, so dysfunctional it cannot provide its capital city with basic amenities, is in charge of dealing with an armed conflict and providing for shelter, healthcare and support for its citizens suffering from the aftermath. Of course, it's faring terribly.

Meanwhile, the president gathers huge crowds in celebration of the very much awaited lifting of visa restrictions on travel to the EU.

Visa-free travel for the continent's poorest state, with a stagnating average wage of about €200 and rapidly rising utility costs.

He pompously cites a 19th century Russian poet in hailing the Visa-waiver as a civillizational break with "unwashed Russia, country of lords and slaves".

I dont know how many people on the square of Kiev showered that morning but with the amount of effort it takes, washing yourself daily must be an epic civillizational choice.

The President seems like a smart man, I hope the irony wasn't lost on him.

Source: Mikhail Khokhlovych on Facebook.