03:14 24/10/2017
Current tragedy is not the first. Ukrainian “golden youth” members (rich kids) often become involved into car crashes (in many cases leading to deaths and injuries) avoiding responsibility.

6 people were killed and 5 injured in a car crash in downtown Kharkiv on October 18. A speeding Lexus RX 350 crossing the intersection on Sumska street around 20:45 was hit from the left by another vehicle (Volkswagen Touareg) and was hurled into the sidewalk, turning over and instantaneously crashing into a group of unsuspecting pedestrians.

Lexus driven by a 20-year old Alyona Zaitseva (student of Kharkiv National University and daughter-in-law of a local businessman Vasiliy Zaitsev) allegedly ran the red light during a street race with another car as the Volkswagen started moving in the perpendicular direction. Both drivers survived, although 49-year old Hennadiy Dronov steering the Volkswagen currently remains in the hospital under police protection. Police officials say his status as a witness can be reconsidered.

Alyona Zaitseva was arrested receiving 2 months of preliminary conviction without bail before court’s final decision. Although she pleaded not guilty, biological tests found opiates in her blood. Zaitseva claims she was undergoing treatment after an old brain injury, but did not take any medications prior to the accident. She is also said to have frequently violated traffic rules in the past, while her father-in-law denies these claims. Her family has already expressed sympathies to all victims and offered financial aid.

Alyona Zaitseva at the court

People killed in the crash include a 19-year old girl and her mother. Another pregnant woman was put in a coma, her child not injured.

After a minute of silence, several deputies in the Parliament demanded to increase penalties for similar accidents.

Alyona Zaitseva