16:34 19/1/2018
Partakers of a peaceful rally commemorating deaths of Ukrainian journalist Anastasiya Baburova and Russian lawyer Stanislav Markelov (both killed by Russian neo-Nazis in 2009) were attacked by Ukrainian nationalists in the center of Kyiv.

Police present at the rally seized a loudspeaker and arrested eight participants (who were subsequently brought to a local police department), one of them for allegedly possessing a spray and others ‘to confirm their identity’.

Rally participants on Mykhailivska Square

С-14 nationalist radicals (along with members of Bratstvo and other alt-right Ukrainian organizations, about 50 people) who derailed the event appeared beforehand preparing to confront the rally which they called ‘separatist’, attacking about 30 attendants with snowballs and eggs. One of rally participants Volodymyr Cheremys says the radicals were acting together with police and remained untouched. Thus, Kyiv police seems to have ignored Ombudsman’s yesterday request to ensure public events safety.

Police arresting one of rally attendants

Ukrainian journalist Anastasiya Baburova working for ‘Novaya Gazeta’ and Russian human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov were killed in Moscow after Markelov gave his speech on a press-conference devoted to early release of Russian colonel Yuriy Budanov accused of murdering an 18-year old Chechen woman. 

Annual commemorative events are called to highlight the problem of far-right impunity and resulting threat to human rights. Rally organizers say loyal reception of racism, xenophobia and violence in Russia have already harmed the country’s civil society and need to be resisted in Ukraine.

Menawhile, Human Rights Watch report the situation with human rights in Ukraine has worsened.