17:15 7/6/2017
On June 7th radicals from the C14 group assaulted Denis Zharkikh, a member of the “Socialists” party.

The attack took place after a court hearing concerning the case of journalist Ruslan Kotsaba, who was on trial for high treason for the second time.

Denis Zharkikh voiced his support for Ruslan Kotsaba and called upon the public to show their support for the journalist by rallying at the Court of Appeals building on June 7th. A day before that, on June 6th, the leader of C14 Evgeniy Karas published a column entitled “Tomorrow. All of Kiev’s separ[atists]. In one place” on the resource “Цензор.Нет”. In the piece Karas urged “patriots” to “purge the capital” of “the thuggish occupant collaborators” referring to the people who decided to come to the court to support Kotsaba.

During the court hearing multiple verbal confrontations arose between the radically minded patriors, incuding Evgen Karas, and pro-Kotsaba demonstrators, including Denis Zharkih. The radicals threatened Zharkih and his family, insinuating that it would be safer for him in prison than in the streets of Kiev. This threat can be heard in the video recorded outside the Court of Appeals. Soon afterwards, Denish Zharkih was assaulted.

The perpetrators recorded the attack and published the video the incident on the C14 Facebook page. The clip shows a group of men kicking the victim while shouting “Who does Crimea belong to, b*tch?”. The video ends with a “greeting” from C14 to all of “Kiev’s separatists” and a promise of further encounters on “the streets of the welcoming capital”.